Temp to Hire Staffing Services

A temp-to-hire position is a role that starts as a temporary gig with the potential to grow into a full-time position if the individual excels in the responsibilities. The employer uses their time as a temp to decide whether they want to bring them on to their team permanently.

This is an arrangement that’s established before the individual starts working as a temp with established guidelines for how it will work. Usually, a temp-to-hire scenario places a candidate in a role that’s slotted to last around half a year — the terms of this timeline function similarly to a new employee’s probationary period. Once the temp time is completed, the candidate and their work are evaluated by the company

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Temp to Hire Staffing Services

It allows the candidate to gain real experience on the job.

The temp-to-hire situation puts potential hires in the role for a length of time before taking them on as full-time employees. This allows the candidate to be fully prepared for the responsibilities they’ll need to take on when they’re hired after the temp period.

Saves employers money on the hiring process.

The average search for hiring a new employee in the conventional way costs over $4,000 and over a month of precious time. All of this money and effort is spent assessing applicants who the employer can’t watch working in action before committing to.

Sources fitting positions for the candidate

The job search is a grueling process that drives just about every job-seeker a little crazy.

Foregoing the difficulties of applying and interviewing for various positions is a tempting alternative. Working through temporary employment with the possibility for hire later might be the answer to this prayer.

Reduces hiring risks for the company

The hiring process is costly in more ways than one; it’s also a fairly risky bet. Going all-in on an applicant during a traditional hiring procedure means committing to an individual who the company doesn’t know very well.