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We specialize in providing dedicated, compassionate medical and therapy professionals to long term care organizations across.

Connecting Clients to Top Talent

The greatest benefit of working with our staffing agency is gaining access to a diverse range of over a million healthcare professionals.


Who we are Reliable healthcare and therapy staffing partner

Clenel Medical & Therapy Staffing delivers customized solutions and a wide range of staffing services to healthcare organizations of all sizes. Our combined pool of professionals allows us to fill both short and long-term staffing needs, as well as offer a complete workforce solution.

Our Services  

Private Pay

Private pay is a term used to describe when someone pays for healthcare or activities with their own resources. It…

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Temporary Staffing

Temporary workers are essential for organizations with constantly changing project workloads and seasonal skill needs.

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Temp to Hire

A temp-to-hire position is a role that starts as a temporary placement with the potential to grow into a full-time…

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Expert staffing recruitment partners

Candidates are trained and certified by expert recruiters. From contract to full-time positions, your needs will be met with excellence.

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Why Choose Us  

Diverse Candidate Database

We have a database full of quality healthcare professionals ready to work.

Personalized workforce solutions

We create quality solutions to solve your unique staffing challenges.

We are matchmakers

We match the right individual to the right position to ensure success.

We understand your needs

We supply a workforce with the expertise to meet project challenges.

We manage complexities

Together, we can manage change, expansion and consolidation. Whatever complexities you face, call on us today!

Successful placements

Keeping your career in motion is the best way to keep growing and evolving.


We have worked with Clenel Medical and Therapy Staffing over the past several years and have developed a high degree of confidence in their ability to deliver.

Clenel Medical and Therapy Staffing has given me hope over again that I can get out of my dead-end warehouse job and find something better for my career.

Professional services and good customer care. Clenel Medical & Therapy Staffing provides the world’s best workforce solutions by going beyond the expected for clients and talent.